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Only True Long Coat King Size German Shepherd in North America!

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We specialize in the best quality long coat king German Shepherd's that have a large bone structure, straight backs and stunning long hair around their main. We love the fact that our German Shepherds are not only very large but come in stunning black and red mahogany color, and no two are ever the same! As you can imagine we fell head over heels for this world champions stunning intelligent breed. We use our experience as a reputable breeder to specialize in long coat German Shepherds for quality not quantity.
We strive to produce not only great quality but also German shepherds with great health and great temperament that is tested with every litter. All our puppies are carefully checked by my vet for all the genetic issues like hip and elbow dysplasia, breathing problems, cherry eyes, heart murmurs, any sign of infection and come with a health guarantee and health certificate. They come home with full medical records, shots, dewormings, microchipping, and the full starter package!
Our puppies are healthy, happy and come with a great amount of love to give. Our shepherds are raised indoors and are socialized by our whole family, they love kids and other pets. Our shepherds are never kenneled, even at night we put them in a doggy pen inside our home. Our shepherds are part of our family and without them the house would seem empty. We start potty training the new puppies at an early age and put them on shedueles so that when the puppies go to their forever homes they are pretty much potty trained.


If you have never owned a King German Shepherd you will see that they are great companions, love attention, intelligent, lovable and love to learn; you may even find that they are like potato chips – you can never have just one!

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Only True Long Coat King Size German Shepherds in North America!

Long Coat vs Short Coat German Shepherd ?

Long Coat German Shepherds differ in their breeding from regular German shepherds in being more laid back, calmer, less energy and easy going. In general these gentle giants have better temperaments than what is encountered in the typical Short Coat German Shepherd as they are not aggressive and yet still very protective.

Curiously, a Long Coat is considered to be a "fault" when judging dogs in the show ring. As a result, most breeders and including Best Shepherds, breed for good "temperament", a nice personality, large size and soft coats. Probably as the result of their history of less inbreeding, the Long Hair Shepherds tend to have straighter backs and are less likely to develop "hip displacement" problems.

The Long Coat German Shepherd represents what the Old World Shepherds looked like, unlike "the modern dog show version". Believe it or not, the Long Coat Shepherds actually shed a lot less, except when Spring comes and they "blow off their coats”.


Reviews from happy owners

Here are a few pics of Koda at the cottage he is such a good pup! We love him a ton!!! He is extremely protective of Seb he is always by his side and just cries and worries whenever we are swimming. He is our fluffy goofball!!

- Gen from Ottawa

Sam's ears are up today! I love him so much and can't get over how smart he is! He is really becoming a very handsome boy. We have become extremely close in a relatively short period of time. Thanks for everything!

- John

We received Apollo from you about 2 years ago. He is doing wonderful and is a beautiful dog with a great personality. We are looking into getting another puppy, (a big male with a similar docile personality) Thank you so much!

- Chelsa from Lethbridge, alberta

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